How can I allow customers to buy X products for a fixed price?

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I am trying to get the same functionality like this.


Customers should be able to pick any X products from the store at a fixed price.


Please help me to find such app.

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Hi @fraglay ,

This is a case of "Buy X for Y$".

This can be achieved by using our app Every Possible Discount

You can review the functionality on our demo store

The app is build on a latest release by Shopify called Shopify Functions, so this app does not hamper your checkout analyics and does not create any dummy coupon codes.

You may want to try this out.

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I see you guys are commenting on every possible thread and promoting this App repeatedly. 

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Hello @fraglay ,
I think by using "MultiVariants Bulk Order" you can easily create something like this. From your reference product, I can see, you want your customers to select any 3 products from that store for a fixed price. So by using this app, you can create options like this where users can pick their product from that dropdown at a fixed price. Here I am attaching an image for reference. 
But, if you want I can give you this demo product link so that you can check. 

Select option.png


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Hey Fraglay,


Can I just make sure I understand this correctly? It sounds like you're looking a way to set up an offer where:

  1. The customer is shown a dedicated "3 for $99" product page.
  2. The customer can select 3 items. I'm assuming these items are either all from a specific collection.
  3. After the customer selects these items, they can press "Add to Cart" and see all the items in the checkout like shown in this screenshot:



If so, then I recommend searching the App Store for a "bundle" app. There are tons of apps like this, including Shopify's new official app, Shopify Bundles.


While I am the creator of a discount app myself, it definitely seems like this is a job that bundles are better suited for.


Reply if you have any questions. I have a lot of technical knowledge about Shopify, and would be happy to help.