How can I allow customers to create their own product bundles for discounts?

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Hi everyone,

What I thought was a relatively simple proposition, turns out not to be so in reality. I want a customer to be able to choose any product from a particular collection and bundle it with any other product or products within the same or other collection. For each product they add over and above 1, they receive a discount. Ideally it would be a tiered discount; i.e. the more they buy the more discount is applied. What I am finding is that the customer can only bundle with specific products chosen by me, not products chosen by them. 

Use Case 

Customer browses Collection and sees a product they like. Customer sees two prices; 1) price if bought on its own and 2) price if bought as part of a bundle. Customer clicks the product. Customer decides to make a bundle and clicks to add another product which can be anything from that or another collection. Customer adds product to bundle. Customer sees proposition to add a further product to the bundle and save even more. Customer clicks to choose another product of their choice and so on. Customer checks out as usual. 

I'm not sure if it's a bundling, discount or upsell app I'm looking for but none I've found so far can achieve what I've outlined. Thanks in advance everyone!

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I think that the easiest way is to use an auto discount and make a top banner to announce the promotion. If you want to show an extra price on the collection, you need to change the collection liquid. It's not so easy to show a bundle price. Though you can use a compared at price, it's still different from the bundle price you mean.


My app, BYOB supports tiered discounts for a single collection, e.g. tier 1 to select 3 at 10% off, select 5 at 15% off, select 7 at 20%. The customers can choose the products they want on our custom product template. You can take a look at our demo store.



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Hello @TGFBS,


To be honest, your requirements for the app are too specific to be covered by a ready-made app. Luckily, an experienced Shopify development company can easily develop a custom app for you to meet these needs.


Also, I suggest you should take a look at these articles, to find out the best Shopify apps represented on the App Store.

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I think that you can try Bundler by Goldendev. They have a Mix&Match bundle function that can apply discount based on the products that customers added to their bundle. I'm not so sure that this app can meet your demand but I think you should give it a try.


You may want to take a look at this 7 best upsell tools on Shopify here.



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You can create the tiered discount using Simple Discounts. First, you'd have to select the collections that the discount applies to, and then specify the product quantity threshold and discount value. Customers can then select from those collections and as they add items to cart and meet the criteria, the discount is automatically applied. The only thing the app doesn't yet offer are the messages shown to customers.

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