How can I allow customers to mix and match shirts and prints?

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I'm trying to find a way to mix and match different shirts with different prints. The intention is to make the shirts their own products as well as the prints.


I don't want to create a fixed bundle where the mix and match is only applied in the variants. In other words, I want a customer to choose which shirt with different variants to go with which print with different variants. Not a customer choosing this shirt with different variants goes with that print with different variants.

I want the customer to fully customize the shirt and the print they want to go together. For a lack of a better analogy, it'd be like choosing with entree goes with which side dish; not a steak that you can choose the wellness with mashed potatoes with which gravy you want on top.

Furthermore, there would be no discount applied in this. It'd actually be an extra charge than just ordering a shirt by itself.


Is there so far an app that is capable of doing this? Ideally one that is a low cost, as there is a budget on this.


Thank you.

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You can likely use this one:
Not entirely sure if that fits your need completely. 
There are more apps on Shopify, but it may or maybe fulfill all your custom needs.

Another way about going this is you make your own custom app using the help of developers. This way you won't pay monthly fees (but a small hosting cost does get added), customize the app on how you like it to be and roll that out. 
Do let me know if you want to choose the 2nd option. 

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Hi @InkNest,

You can consider exploring the Easify Product Options app for a seamless solution to your needs.

The app facilitates the creation of a Mix and Match product with custom options, giving customers the flexibility to choose their shirt type and print effortlessly. Here's a demo tailored to your requirements 😊:




Simple app settings:

  • Create your Mix & Match product without any predefined options.
  • Install the app and create a new option set.
  • Add the first option for selecting the Shirt type, utilizing a visually appealing option display type like Image Swatches. The app offers an extensive range of 26 display types to choose from.



  • Similarly, incorporate another option for choosing the Print, ensuring to utilize a suitable display type such as Image Swatches.



  • Once your options are set up, associate the newly created option set with the initial Mix & Match product.


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Hello @InkNest ,

Hope you're doing well. If you want to allow your customer to choose a color of shirt and apply prints or designs on them, you can try the Inkybay - Product Personalizer app.


With this app, after adding design/print, they can change the product (shirt) color as well. They will get to see a live preview. You'll get 21 days of free trial to explore the app. Knock me if you want to check the sample product.



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