How can I allow direct image uploads for print on demand orders?

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I hope this message finds everyone well. I'm currently using an app that allows customer to upload images for print on demand orders. I'd like to explore options that allow my supplier to see direct image uploads instead of a link being provided to my supplier where they then have to download the image so that they could process the order.


Could you guys please advise on how we can implement this change? Your insights would be highly appreciated and I am open to giving access to my store in order to mitigate this small issue.


Thank you!

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If you are sending fulfillment emails you could try editing the notifications templates so the line-item-propertiescart-attributes that are images spit out a <img> tag. 💣 Be careful and precise with logic so your not spitting all properties out as empty <img> tags.

💣This assumes this upload app properly puts the customer provided images into such fields on orders. And the data doesn't live elsewhere in something like metafields or on the apps own servers.


If you need to send an email with an image or PDF attachment may want to automate that with an app like mechanic. See example 


If you need this type of automation consulted on or templates customized then contact me by mail for services.
ALWAYS please provide context, examples: store url, theme name, post url(s) , or any further detail in ALL correspondence.
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Typically this is fully something on the suppliers side of things and not your responsibility to improve their business deficiencies.

You send them the bare minimum data format needed: an email , CSV, a pdf , a whatever, and your done.

Then on their end they should have dashboards, tools, or even excel setup to just download the image and view it for their staff.


Over all at a high level it's all rather silly to not have the supplier spearheading this effort if it is their workflow that needs optimization. As to process the order they are the ones that STILL have to download the customer provided image to get it at the proper resolution; with a very real chance that by you embedding just a <img> tag somewhere that supplier staff will drop the ball by just right-click>save-as on that embedded image and download the wrong resolution image file mucking up orders.



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Which app are you using to do this?

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I currently use Uploadly.
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Currently I use uploadly.