How can I auto-cancel high risk orders to prevent fraud?

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We were hit by fraud (32 orders)  last week in our US store.  We use an app called Fraud Filter but I do not see a way for us to auto-cancel high-risk orders so that our 3PL provider doesn't fulfill fraudulent orders. Thanks.

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My store has been hit with over 200 fraud attempts this year. The perpetrator attempts several Visa cards until one card goes thru to pay for their small order. I too am using the fraud app to cancel, restock and refund these orders. This does not solve the problem for the stolen Visa number customer. Several visa victims have come at me, very aggressively, for their unknown sale and unknown refund on their card. All these cancelled fraud orders are effecting my stats. Sales and Returns stats are false information now. I cannot tell the Fraud app to NOT accept fraud payments without telling Shopify to manually accept payments for ALL my good orders. So many people are the victim of thisScreenshot fraud 2024-03-14 154655.jpgScreenshot Fraud all year 2024-03-14 154821.jpgScreenshot Filter 2024-03-14 .jpg scam and Shopify has told me several times to just use a fraud filter, that does not solve my problem. I hope that someone in this community has a solution for me. Thanks.