How can I automate Commercehub EDI integration with online orders?

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I have been looking for a solution to connect Commercehub (P.O. via EDI) to Shopify (Orders). My client has its shop on Shopify but oftenly receives order from two major retailers on Commercehub and we are looking for a way to automatize the process.

I am open to app suggestion or development teams that can handle such projects.

Thank you!


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Hi Aurelien

We operate our own integration platform and we specialise in building bespoke integrations for our users to automate their processes if we don't already have an integration available. I had a look at CommerceHub integration options and they have a wide array of options that can be synced into our current Shopify integration. Probably need more specific details on what data flows are required so I can discuss with my team. Send me an email to and we can investigate further.



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Hi I work for an EDI service company provide called SBSA Technologies we developed an EDI Order Fulfillment technology that offers an alternative to the complicated traditional way of processing orders, automate bookkeeping records, and invoicing customers. It’s simplified for easier use but complicated behind the scenes. The SBSA Technologies’ platform receives all of the sales orders digitally transmitted from all marketplaces and retailers under one convenient screen. One click per order is enough to trigger the process. The system automatically sends back order acknowledgments, tracking information, invoicing, and all necessary documents to your customers, marketplaces, retailers, distributors, retailers and eCommerce platforms. Additionally, smart labeling module connects behind the scenes with all of your logistic partners. This process automates generation of shipping labels, tracking information, and LTL BOL.

This is a smooth and increasingly process.

This is SBSA Technologies.

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Hi @aurelien_girard - we are having the same issue - did you solve this and if so do you mind sharing how? I  very much look forward to you reply! Thanks!