How can I automate purchase order creation and management?

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We currently use an app to sell pre-order items. Each week, we send a purchase order to our suppliers (we have two main ones). We need an app that can build the purchase orders in different currencies and then allows us to receive the inventory when the order arrives and obviously keeps our inventory up to date and in sync.


At the moment this is not automated and we are spending upwards of 4 hours a week on this and it needs to change as we are expanding.


Any advice of suggestions welcome.

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Hi Linzal,

Can you please elaborate a bit on how the purchase orders are created?


Keeping the inventory, up to date is an easier problem, once we get the invoice or a csv file from the supplier, we can easily upload and keep the inventory in sync.


I can help you get the purchase orders sorted out if you are interested.

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Hiya, we currently use the Shopify purchase order functionality. We have an excel order list that we manually copy into the PO area and create the PO and mark it as ordered. Is there a better way to speed this up for us?