How can I automate the process of distributing unique return labels?

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Hello all,


I'd like to automate our returns process. I have set up a product, so that customers can purchase a returns label for £2.80. I have 000's of these unique labels already generated. Currently, I pick one of these unique labels, email to the customer and fulfil the order. I then delete this label as it can't be used again.


All the digital downloads apps that I've looked at only seem to be able to send the customer a standard (non-unique) file. I had a look at Kable Commerce, but it's unable to automate this process. I'd still have to manually upload a unique file at the orders page, which wouldn't save much time.


The way I see it working would be 000's of these returns labels associated with the product return label attached to the product. Each time one is ordered, it's sent to the customer and subsequently removed. The next customer would be sent the next attachment and this would keep happening until all labels are depleted. Any ideas?


Many thanks,



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Hello! You can look into Apps like EcoReturns and Loop Returns to automate labels. They also have end-to-end automation features. Hope this helps!