How can I automate unique discount code delivery on Shopify?

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Hello! Our shop recently moved to Shopify from a custom platform, and we're trying to find a way to migrate a successful program we've had in the past. We're all new to Shopify, so we're not certain whether exactly what we need is possible. 

The program is a short-term sale where buying a unique gift card product (worth $50) also includes a $50 certificate that can be redeemed at any time. Our plan is to recreate the certificate as a discount code, since there are some restrictions that make having it as a gift card not make sense. 

Here's the exact specifications we need:

  • This code needs to be single-use
  • The code needs to be unique for each customer (our customers tend to share codes in public if they are not customer-specific, which is fine for most promotions but not this one)
  • If possible, we would like to let people combine multiple of these codes in one purchase (as in they have purchased the $50 gift card + $50 certificate more than once)

I've added a bulk discount code generator app, which takes care of the first two issues, but I'd love some suggestions on how to actually get those codes to customers. I can export the orders, sort them, and BCC those who purchased the gift card with the code, but is there a way to automate that? Alternatively, I could include a line of code in the order confirmation email that includes the discount code for people who purchase the special gift card product, but that doesn't include a way to have the code be unique to each person. Any suggestions for apps or other solutions to this very specific issue would be appreciated!

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Please let me know if you find a solution for point #3. Have you tried reaching out to support of the bulk discount code generator app ?

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Hi @brinksm, I'm Neomi from the app,

We specialize in gift card & loyalty store credit solutions.

I believe that our gift card BOGO flow will answer your needs.

In this flow, you can give a gift card as a gift for any gift card that was bought at your store. The gift card can be limited to a specific collection or product.

The gift card will accumulate into the customer loyalty card and can be used with other rewards/gift cards in future purchases. 

You can also add an expiration date and/or send an automated reminder email to your customers to redeem their unused credit.

You can read more about this solution here

Check out our listing page, and feel free to reach out at

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Thank you for the suggestion, @Neomi_av! Unfortunately we're looking to use discount codes rather than gift cards for a reason that's a bit complicated to explain, but I will keep this in mind as a potential option for the future.