How can I automatically track my shipping box inventory?

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I’m trying to find someway of keeping track of how many shipping boxes I have on hand. I have 4 preset shipping packages and ideally every time I ship an order it would automatically deduct 1 of that shipping box from my inventory. Is there any app to do this? Any work around?

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I hope you are doing well.


Unfortunately, there are no apps available in Shopify that can keep track of shipping boxes. However, yours is a common merchant problem and we can build an app specific to your requirements. 


We have recently launched our track order app let me know when can we connect and discuss this further.




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Hello ChellaCanada!  

Cheers from the USA!  


I want to be able to do the same thing.  Also keep track of the “extra” treats we put into our shipments.  

Have you been able to find anything?  I would think it would be a common thing other vendors would want?  


Thanks so much in advance! 


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Hey @ChellaCanada & @Mason_Preddy


Hope you're both doing well! I have a solution that works great, takes a few minutes to get setup, but then will save you time for YEARS to come!


Our solution is to add the packaging to the order after it's placed so the quantity is deducted like any other item in your order. If you use a 3rd Party Logistics or other fulfillment software the box will also get pulled in there and make your life a ton easier.


Let me know if you have any questions at all, I'm more than happy to help any other way I can.


A link to our app:


A short demo video of me setting this up and how it works: 




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