How can I batch tag old customers for affiliate tracking?

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I have about 200 customers who have been referred by different people. The referrers get a commission. I am setting up an affiliate platform (Uppromote) but I want to tag my existing customers with the name of their referrer for looking at historic reports, so I can essentially create reports that capture that affiliate referral data.

There are so many tagging apps but none of them seem to offer batch editing of customers. Would I need a tagging and then a reporting app? Any help much appreciated.

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Hey @BTUK!

You can actually bulk add tags fairly easily directly through the Shopify admin without any apps. I think this is a newish feature so it may not be as commonly known, but here's a quick example video showing how to bulk add tags by selecting multiple customers or using a filter to select certain customers:

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I haven't tried Brett's solution but give that a go if you can do it in the Shopify admin that's nice and easy. 👍


If you need an app, or want to automate stuff like this as part of your workflow, Order Automator does things like this for people, it handles tagging (including processing old orders / customers), fulfillment, and various other features.


If you just need to tag customers based on a criteria that's easy to identify and doesn't take you a lot of time, then I think filtering in the Shopify admin and bulk tagging would be the way to go. If you want to tag customers based on their order data, or using variables, or automate the process then an app like Order Automator will help you out.

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