How can I boost my SEO performance on a Shopify app?

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So it would seem that my website is in the SEO doghouse with google despite have some really good prices and high quality products to sell my website traffic is about 1-2 hits per day and I reside somewhere on page 7 of google in a competitive market.   There are a number of Google search console issues that I am running up against but so many of my products are simply not being indexed> I have robot.txt , canonical duplictes and a host of other seo issues.


When I owned a miva merchant site there was an SEO module that cleaned up a bunch of stuff with one click.


Right now I'm so frustrated with Shopify base software as nearly all new listings I post are not being indexed in google.


I previously hired a SEO cleanup company on these forums and got a pay first invoice with no work ever done.


Can someone please recommend an app for me that simple to use for my 100 priduct wesbite?



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Hi @Henrykjr ,


I understand how frustrating SEO issues can be, especially when you're offering great products but not getting the visibility you deserve. Addressing the issues with Google Search Console, including indexing and optimizing your Shopify site, is essential.


SEOPro can significantly help in this area. It audits your Shopify Products and Collections to identify and prioritize SEO issues, such as missing keywords or insufficient content, and offers solutions. Its bulk optimization tools allow you to efficiently update SEO Meta Titles, Descriptions, and alt texts, which could be particularly useful for a 100 product website like yours. Additionally, SEOPro is designed to be user-friendly, catering specifically to Shopify merchants looking to improve their site's SEO with minimal hassle.


Full disclosure: We are the developer of this app.

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