How can I boost my website speed on Shopify?

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Hey all

I want to increase my website speed. Any Suggestion? or any app available in Shopify Store?

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The easiest way to see what optimization issues your site has and fix them is with the Shopify Analyzer. That's a free tool my team (Shopify optimization team built for the Shopify community because there didn't exist a performance analysis tool specifically for Shopify sites. The scoring / benchmarks are based on over 1,000 sites we've optimized.

Apps can help in some areas but true optimization needs to be performed by a person. If you have a developer on your team or want to take a crack at it, use that Shopify Analyzer tool to see where you can improve, then this Shopify optimization guide to perform the optimizations.

The only optimization apps we use are Crush Pics for automatically compressing most images (then manually compressing with TinyPNG for what apps can't access. Here's a guide to compressing images on Shopify if you're not familiar)... and File Optimizer for minifying JS / CSS / Liquid. You can manually minify JS and CSS with online minifier tools, but those can't handle Liquid files.

I would start by seeing if any optimizations are possible with your site (in the Shopify Analyzer), and then follow the recommendations / guides to tighten those areas up. If you need help feel free to reach out to my team at, our focus is Shopify optimization.

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Hello Saurabh,

To increase your store speed, you have to pay attention to some factors as below:

1. The apps you are using: whenever you add an app to your store, that app will add its code to your theme to run its function. There are some codes can be optimized to increase your store speed performance. In case you add an app but then don't want to use it anymore, you should delete it from your Shopify app list to avoid the affect of its code on your store.

2. The theme you are publishing: when you edit a theme to make it fit with your brand, the size of code files may increase which slows down your store loading. Also, there may be some CSS, HTML,.. code that haven't been optimized yet and you might need a page speed optimize tool to fix it for you. 

3. The images and videos you add on your store: many Shopify merchants encounter this problem. Oversized images and videos will not only affect the loading speed of your store, it also lowers your Google Speed Insight score and affect on you SEO campaign. You should save the images size and use lazy load technique for media factors on your store. 

For suggestion about page speed app on Shopify, Swift Optimizer would be a good choice for you. With this app, you can solve those three problem and some extra services as below:

- Free and personalize consultants from Swift Speed expert.

- Pre-loading technique - a function that connect your store data with the app to analyze visitor's behavior and pre-load the website. 85% customers of our app have increased their store speed up to 3 times thanks to this function.

Swift Optimizer is now offering 7 free trial days so feel free to take the app and enjoy your trial time!

Should you need any further advice in speed concern for your store, please feel free to reply or contact us via email, we are always willing to help 

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1. FREE Site Speed analysis and suggestions
2. Theme & Image Optimizer with Smart Lossy compression technology
3. Lazy Loading. Minify JS and inline critical CSS files. No coding required
4. Auto optimize daily without login to the app

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Hello @SaurabhMocemsa, I hope you are doing well! If you want I can help you with optimizing the speed of your store. Let me know if you would like to connect. 

Also, for optimizing the store's speed you can contact the Shopify experts- Gowebbaby





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Hi there!


To increase your website speed, there are several steps you can take. One recommendation is to optimize your website's performance, including its loading speed. Additionally, it's essential to ensure your website is search engine optimized to improve its visibility and attract more organic traffic. As for apps available in the Shopify Store, one option you can consider is SEOmatic.

SEOmatic is an app designed to enhance your website's SEO capabilities. It provides a range of features to optimize your website's performance, content, and structure. 

By utilizing the SEOmatic app, you can optimize your website for both search engines and speed, ultimately enhancing the user experience. 

I hope this helps!