How can I choose the perfect expert partner for my eCommerce website?

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I have used Shopify for the last year and built the website and installed apps to include some needed features.  But now I would like to hire a shopify expert partner to do a better job of customizing or using the right apps to get the job done in the best way.  How do I find the right partner? The list is long and I do not want to make 75 requests nor just randomly choose a partner to work with.


Features/Apps/Customization Desired: I need to collect deposits, partial payments, and have an easy way to see who still owes a balance. I need to collect additional contact details after the purchase (using custom fields) in their user profile section. I would like to be able to offer them a unique upgrade/add on product based on the product they chose. And I would ideally like a way to alert my email automation outside of Shopify which is Infusionsoft/Keap. The integration/connection to Keap would be nice, but not essential. 


I do not think these features are overly complicated, but I am hoping someone here has a recommendation or advice for me on how best to proceed. Many thanks!

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Hello @MMH3,


First of all, take your time and create a detailed list of requirements. Conduct a few interviews to evaluate soft and hard skills, and make sure you feel comfortable working with the person you hire.


Our Whidegroup team has over 10 years of experience with the Shopify platform managing projects of different size and complexity from all over the globe. Please, let me know if you need any assistance.


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Firstly, great job understanding exactly what you need to accomplish 💪🏼
"I need to collect additional contact details after the purchase (using custom fields) in their user profile section."
👆🏼 This is why Customer Fields was created. We collect custom information during registration (not after checkout, but this is something we're actively working on and hoping to launch soon) that said, these custom fields are saved as searchable metafields in the customer's profile and not just as a note in the customer's profile. 
I'm not familiar with Keap, but generally with something like Klaviyo you can set up an automation to alert your CRM of certain actions. I recognize that it's not apple to apples, but here's a quick example using Customer Fields and Omnisend (just to give you an idea of what incorporating custom fields and a CRM could look like).

I know this doesn't even come close to answering everything, but I hope the helpful and smart Shopifolk will show up and fill in the rest of the puzzle pieces for you 😊

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