How can I create a bulk quantity dropdown for product volumes?

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I'm currently in a bit of a predicament.


The products I'm selling (packaging) need to be sold at a variety of volumes, and I want to offer my customers a discount the more they buy. 


As we offer so many options, it needs to be a dropdown so it doesn't take up too much space of our product page. I've found a variety of apps that offer what we want in terms of bulk quantity selectors, but none seem to offer it as a dropdown and take up way too much space on our product page.


I'd like to find an app that can do this, or pay a developer to design something for us... so I just thought I'd put a message in here to see if anyone else knows of anything like this.


If you take a look at this vista print link, and look at how they show their quantities, this gives you an idea of what I mean.





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Hi @PackagePal ,


This can be achieved using the custom code in your theme we will create a metafield value where you will able to mention the set of quantities you want to show on the product page.


Like below



You will able to customize if for any page and our script will add that quantity on clicking of add to cart or checkout button.


Let me know if you have more queries to ask.

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