How can I create size and color customizable bundles for T-shirts and hoodies?

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Hey, I'm looking for a bundle app for items like T-shirts and hoodies, where the customer can choose the respective size and color and purchase the entire predefined bundle. I have a screenshot from a website that already uses this feature. Here, the customer can select the size and color for predefined hoodies and T-shirts. Thanks for the help.cs2.JPG

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Hi, Henry from Bundler  here,

You should easily be able to achieve something like that with our bundling app.

If your bundled items have different variants set up for colors and sizes, you should be able to choose them in the drop down menu similar to that one.

If you are interested and have any other questions, feel free to contact us 🙂

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Hello @m776s,


I'm Camila from  Simple Bundles & Kits. Nice to meet you! 


M776s, with Simple Bundles, you can create mix-and-match bundles like T-shirts and hoodies, allowing customers to select their preferred size and color combinations.


If your bundle does not exceed Shopify's 100 variant and 3 option limit, you can create mix-and-match bundles using our Simple Bundles builder. However, if it does, you can opt for Infinite Option bundles.


Setting it up is a breeze; you can check out this video to guide you through the process: How to create mix-and-match bundle.


Feel free to test our app on the free plan. If you need assistance setting up your bundle, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help!


Warm regards,


Support team lead at Freshly Commerce ️ | Building Simple Bundles, Simple Discounts, and Freshly Inventory