How can I easily integrate my eBay account with an ecommerce platform?

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Hello! I've been trying to find a way to connect shopify to my ebay account but I cant seem to figure out how. I've tried a bunch of different apps but they either won't connect to my ebay or won't allow me to post listings. Does anyone have any solutions or a way to easily connect it? Or is it just not something that can be easily done?

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Shopify Staff
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You may consider checking the Codisto app. The app can help you integrate your Shopify products on different eBay marketplaces while using your Shopify catalog as the source of truth. You can be able to bulk upload your products to eBay and make use of the XpressGrid Multi Edit feature of the app so no need to modify your products one by one.


If you have existing eBay listings, you can also make use of the app so you can link those listings to your Shopify products. 

The app can also help you sync your marketplace orders to Shopify if you wish to directly fulfill the eBay orders on Shopify. 

The app offers a 14-days free trial that you can take advantage and also a free onboarding session with one of our experienced Support Specialist. 


If you have further questions/concerns feel free to contact us at