How can I effectively transition from Gazebo to with over 400 SKUs?

How can I effectively transition from Gazebo to with over 400 SKUs?

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Hi, we have established our inventory using by Gazebo.

Now, when Shopify first part Bundles app is online, there is no function for sync automatically all the data from Gazebo.

In the same time, if we have to switch to shopify bundles, this means to create ALL our products (over 400 SKUs) from the scratch - 1. to create bundles; 2. to fill the bundles SKUs (which by default are draft) with all the Titles, SEO links, descriptions, metafields, weights, SKUs, EANs, sales price, Inventory values, etc. which seems to be a huge work for few people involved.

Is there any idea for the future this app to be improved?

For example, from our point of view, the best would be in the product itself to be added Option to be a bundle made from SKU1 + SKU2, etc.

Or, other way would be if shopify can automatically sync the data from Gazebo.



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Hello @Veli_Atletica,


Actually you described the business model of some unique apps that substitute fully or partially the logic of native functionality. They avoid simplifying the transition from their custom app to the native functionality using export/import, migrations or so.


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Hello Anastasia,

I'm afraid this doesn't reply to my basic question about the future of shopify bundles app...



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This AI Tag one is great:

What it does:

1) It automatically reads your product images with AI and generate tags for you (color, design or anything), then it generates SEO titles based on the features, so they're much more accurate than the random SEO generators

2) It syncs the tags and titles with your products 

3) You can use these tags to make a lot of collections and promotions based on the tags


You can have a try, it's really great!