How can I enable multiple time slots for scuba dive bookings?

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Hello everyone, 


I am about to launch my website, and I've stumbled across my final hurdle I believe. Which is: I own a Scuba diving business, and I need an app or a solution that can allow my customers to book their days AND multiple times throughout these days they come diving with us. 

For example; 

I would want to be able to book my dives on Monday, and I would want to be able to book the 9am dive and the 5pm dive only. And then select more on different days. Then they would also need to select the number of divers, answer a question about what level of diver they are and then proceed to checkout. 


Monday: 9am, 2pm, 5pm. 



The closest I got to this was IzyRent's app - but I don't even think their app works, there's no checkout button. And they also don't allow to book multiple times in the day. only one time. 


I'm very happy I chose Shopify to develop my website because the community is so helpful. Thank you and I hope we can find a solution - this would allow Shopify to be utilized for many more businesses. 


The Coolidge

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@TheCoolidge you can look into


However, if this or other available apps don't fully meet your specific needs, you might consider developing a custom app tailored to your business.

- Control payment methods visibility at checkout by KlinKode PayRules app.
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Hi there! 

Ray here from the Easy Appointment Booking team. You can use this app for scuba diving and experiences. While like most booking apps we let you take single day appointments, we do offer subscription packages that let your customers book and pay up front once, then book multiple on their own time. Would that work for you?

Here's an example:


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Hello @TheCoolidge,


Unfortunately, these features are too specific to be covered by a ready Shopify app. However, an experienced Shopify development company can easily create a custom app to meet your needs.

My team can help you. Please, let me know if you need any assistance.


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Hey @TheCoolidge ,
Appointo-Appointment Booking App can surely help you with the same. You can configure your availability on the system and the calendar widget will only show the time bookable. Users can book for 1 or more divers and after selecting the slots they can answer the question which you can configure in system admin panel. Appointo will automatically charge the client based on the number of divers added to the cart.

Karan Bhagnani

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Hello @TheCoolidge!


If you are looking for a solution to allow customers to book their days AND multiple times for the day(s), BookThatApp (BTA) can help.


You can see the app in action through the BTA Appointment Widget on the following demo product:


The example above can be tailored to display availability for Monday's only, while also displaying your dive sessions time slots for 9am, 2pm, 5pm.


Here's a complete and easy step-by-step setup guide: Setup Guide: Appointment Widget.


After configuring your Appointment product to represent your bookable diving sessions you can also resort to the following options:

  • Enable the Multiple Appointments option to allow customers to select multiple dates and times in bulk before adding the booking to the cart/checkout;
  • Create and apply Booking Fields which will allow to gather additional data from customers such as their diving level;
  • Apply the Quantity Selector to the Appointment Widget for customers to book on behalf of multiple divers.


Hope it helps! In case you have any questions or need any assistance, please feel free to reach out.

Thank you!