How can I exclude a product from being detected by Stocky?

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On Stock I need the ability to hid product so Stocky doesn't see it - basically we have a prebook custom element on the site and we need to separate that product so that it doesn't get pulled by Stocky.

Has anyone sone this?

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We have a similar issue and the only solution I've found is to add a tag that hides products in stocky. Note that unfortunately the Archived status doesn't have any effect in stocky.

You can set the tag to be anything. 

Go to your Stocky preferences and under General you can set Visibility. (see the attached image)


Best of luck.


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Hi Kateg,


You may want to consider switching to Horse. Because Horse is built exclusively for Shopify, it supports all of Shopify's features including respecting Archiving of products in Shopify.

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