How can I find a list of uninstalled apps on my store?

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Two days ago I installed an app to assist me with my product feed on Google, FB etc.  After installing the app I decided I did not want it, so uninstalled it the same day. I know I gave them permission to access my Google something (?) bc they were gonna help with my product feed to Google.

Today I have a number of fraudulent charges on my CC for multiple Google Domains (which is where I purchased my domain when I started my store.) I want to contact the app and Shopify but I cannot remember which app I installed/uninstalled. I looked at so many I cannot recall - and yes I feel kinda dumb. I immediately closed that CC this morning.

I have no idea if the app is connected to these CC charges but it seems fishy to me.

Any help appreciated.


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Hey, @Rushcreekvintag!

Ash here from the Shopify team. Welcome to the Shopify Community, and thank you for posting your question in the forums! 

I understand you're trying to track down the name of an application you recently removed from your account. While I can't say at this time whether that app is responsible for the charges you've noticed on your credit card, I absolutely appreciate your concern and definitely want to help you check everywhere you can for some clarity. Tracking down the deleted app name is absolutely something that our Support Advisors would be able to assist in finding. In order to get you this information, our team needs back-end access to your account, which can only be granted upon completing authentication.

At this time our Support Advisors can authenticate users via phone, chat or email, so please head over to our Help Center and log in to get support. Follow through the prompts on the next pages, and you'll be presented with the currently available support options. While the phone option may not be available at certain times due to business volume, the live chat and email options should always remain present. Once our team has authenticated you on the account in question, we'll be able to help find the name of the app you're looking for. 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.