How can I find a product options app with API support for my online store?

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New to Shopify. I'm still considering moving from my Magento store to a Shopify one. I got all issues worked out except custom options. I have a few items I allow customers to personalize in my catalog. I must ask them if they want a name, font, color, etc. But, currently use a custom-built POS to run all my brick-and-mortar along with my web order operations. I only need Shopify to collect web orders. I plan to use Shopify's API to add products and receive web orders.


While I found a lot of apps that support custom options, I have yet to find one that supports Shopify's API or offers its own API. These are the features I need:

  • Create custom options by product. (No need to have them set globally like I found most do, and use a filter to figure out which products to show on.)
  • Basic support for drop-downs and text boxes.
  • Add different prices based on a selection from the drop-down.
  • Add a price only if something is typed into a text box.
  • Needs API support in some form or way. Using metafields, I think, would be a great way. I can format the options as a JSON, and the app parses the JSON.

I thought about creating my own custom liquid but realized I couldn't change a price using that method. So, it seems like I need an app. I prefer not to have to create one from scratch.

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Hi @Avi303,

Could you please clarify the specific requirements you have in mind for the product options app to integrate with Shopify APIs? I'm not entirely clear on your use case, as you can leverage the Shopify API to generate products and subsequently employ the product options app to establish customized options for either specific items or your entire product catalog.


Regarding your expectations for a product options app, I believe the Easify Product Options app offers features that align with your needs 😊:

  • You can create custom options and assign them to relevant products (manually select or set rules for auto assignment)



  • It supports 26 option types, including dropdown and text box as you want.



  • It allows adding extra pricing to options in the dropdown using the Add-on price or Add-on product feature.



Hope that you can give the app a try!

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Thank you for your answer. The main thing I need is to be able to communicate with our custom-built POS what options to add and update to a product. I have all the products and options in our system, and I would like to use an API to send not only new products into Shopify but all the custom options, too. I need also to be able to make a change using the API when I make a change in my system. I see this app has an import feature, but I can't export manually from my system every time I want to update a custom option choice. I want an API to be able to do that automatically.

If this app does have such a feature, do you have documentation on it?

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Hey, I have a bit of the same problem. I want to offer custom products. However, I want to properly forward them to a third party because they do the printing of the product and shipping. How do these orders get forwarded. Do I need an API intergration between the Easify app/ shopify and the third party for this?

Thanks in advance for your help!