How can I find and remove leftover Hotjar scripts from my website?

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I used to have hotjar on my site and have since deleted it. After going through my coverage on dev tools, I see that my site has a few hotjar scripts still coded to my site. How do I find them and remove them?


The following scripts/codes need to be removed

- box-5e66f98b4ee957db209dc6f63e3d59dd.html

- hotjar-2622959.js?sv=7

- modules.fb61877307ee2cbdddd8.js


My site is



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Hi @Mavi90 


Please follow these steps:

- Step 1: Open the Shopify admin page

- Step 2: Click online store/theme/edit code

view (36).png

view (37).png


A page like this will appear:

view (38).png


Step 3: Enter the files you want to search in this box, for example, "hotjar"

view (39).png


If there are files, you will remove them.


In case there is no such file found, there is another way. Please try the following steps:


Step 1: Download theme: click Download theme file

view (40).png


Step 2: The theme file will be sent to your email, then download the theme

view (41).png


Step 3: Extract the theme file

Step 4: Download a search engine like visual studio code 


Step 5: Open visual studio code, then open the folder you just unzipped

+ Click on the file

+ Open folder

Step 6: Copy/paste the files you want to search here. Related files will appear.

view (42).png


Then check where the scripts are located and copy the file name into the theme to find the file containing that code.


view (43).png


Then open that file and copy the script & press Ctrl + F and Ctrl + V to find where the code is in the file, and delete it.


If you can't find it, you should contact Hotjar or us for support. 

If our suggestions are useful, please let us know by giving it a like, marking it as a solution, or donating here .

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Thanks for the response! I tried searching for it through Shopify's edit code, and nada.  I downloaded my theme and opened it in VS Code but all the code isn't readable. Is there and extension I need? Screen Shot 2022-12-03 at 9.35.27 AM.png

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I figured it out! When I search hotjar, nothing comes up in VS code. In dev tools, it says otherwise. Screenshot 2022-12-03 at 12.22.57 PM.png

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I figured it out!! Hotjar was connecting to my google tag manager

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Is there a way to stop Hotjar from connecting to Google tag manager?