How can I fix an inactive meta pixel code?

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I need Help with my meta pixel code. My meta pixel on my ad manager keeps saying that it is not active which does not let me set up conversions. I had contacted meta support and they said that I needed to get a developer to set up the code. So I need help with the code without paying a bunch of money.scrnli_11_14_2023_11-02-57 PM.pngscrnli_11_14_2023_11-02-08 PM.png

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Hi @Malik19 It seems like you haven't connected your facebook pixel id with your shopify store.


If you are not aware of how to connect both the platform then please follow the steps:

  1. Login in shopify store.
  2. Scroll Down and click on apps->apps and sales channel settings.
  3. After that click on Shopify app store.
  4. Then search Facebook & Instagram on the app store and install the app.
  5. Inside the app you will find the option to attach your Meta pixel.
  6. Follow the steps mentioned in the app to connect both the platform.
  7. Once connected you may need to wait for 24hrs(sometimes it take less than 2 hrs for the same) so that connection will work properly.
  8. and after that you will be able to advertise your store on facebook.

If you still unable to implement the same then I'm happy to do this for you, let me know. I can integrate the app and set it up, so that this will work well for you.


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Hello. I have already connected my pixel id to my Shopify. And it still says that it is not active. What should I do?

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As mentioned Conversions API along with pixel is your best bet for complete customer journey:

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I would also recommend a server-side connection which provides more accurate conversion data: