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How can I fix deploy errors in my Nextjs, React app integration?

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Hi, I want to integrate into the Shopify store my app (Nextjs, React) through an Iframe, but the main problems are based on deploy errors and my app doesn't appear in-app embeds, maybe somebody can help me?

I'm using Shopify CLI version: 3.49.3, when I'm trying to do:

shopify app deploy

I received such error like this one:

`block in worker_pool'
  /snap/ruby/317/lib/ruby/3.2.0/bundler/worker.rb:62:in `apply_func'
  /snap/ruby/317/lib/ruby/3.2.0/bundler/worker.rb:57:in `block in process_queue'
  /snap/ruby/317/lib/ruby/3.2.0/bundler/worker.rb:54:in `loop'
  /snap/ruby/317/lib/ruby/3.2.0/bundler/worker.rb:54:in `process_queue'
/snap/ruby/317/lib/ruby/3.2.0/bundler/worker.rb:90:in `block (2 levels) in

An error occurred while installing racc (1.7.1), and Bundler cannot continue.

In Gemfile:
  theme-check was resolved to 1.15.0, which depends on
    nokogiri was resolved to 1.15.4, which depends on
Fetching gem metadata from
Resolving dependencies...
Using ast 2.4.2
Using bundler 2.4.10
Using liquid 5.4.0
Installing racc 1.7.1 with native extensions

I tried locally to fix this issue, but I didn't have any results.

What could I do to fix this issue, I'll be very grateful if somebody has a solution for this issue.

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Having the same issue on Ruby 3.2.2. Seems to work fine on another machine with Ruby 3.0 but still trying to figure out exactly what the root cause is.

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Downgrading Ruby to 3.1 did fix it for us.

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Thank you for suggestion, but how make my extensions appear in the App embed and integrate into the website, do you know?

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To make extensions appear in the App Embeddeds you need to configure schema inside block file like this.

{% schema %}
"name": "Body Assets",
"target": "body",

{% endschema %}

Harsh Patel