How can I fix uncached and unminified JavaScript and CSS files issue?

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Hi there, 

i use semrush Site audit to test my website, but i am facing an issue that i don't know how to fix it. 

the issue is 

  • 630 Page has uncached JavaScript and CSS files
  • 630 page has unminified JavaScript and CSS files

almost the same pages has 2 issues, i am using CJdropshipping app, and the links in shopify for those java scripts are related to Cjdropshipping. 

can i find a solution to this issue? 

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If it's an App, then these problems should ideally be addressed by the app developers.


Sometimes it's possible to download app JCSS and S code and host it in your store -- it will require some custom coding.

This should fix the problem, but it's not always possible and also you would now be in charge of updating app JS to the current version. 

Not ideal.



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