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How can I implement a 'make an offer' system for my data PDF sales?

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I sell PDF's with data to professionals, and need help with pricing.


I don't want any list prices on any products because my products are worth more to certain people than others AND I'd like to reject the sale entirely to some people. As such, I'd like the customer to make the first offer for every product. In other words, my products would have no price, the customer would make an offer, and the vendor could then accept, counter, or reject that offer. And I'd like the customer to be identified to the vendor at a high level (Name / Company / Phone or Email) at the time of the offer.


For Example: John Smith wants to buy Product 123, and is willing to pay $100.


First: John would click 'Make an Offer', and enter a price, his name, his company, and a phone number and/or email, and click 'Make The Offer'.


Second: Vendor would receive a notification of the offer ('You've received an offer from John Smith at XYZ Company (email of $100 for product ABC') and the vendor could then accept, counter, or reject that offer.


Is this possible with any current apps? Or what would best work around be with existing apps? I'd like to make this a marketplace eventually if that matters / factors into the decision about which app would be best.


Help! 🙂

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Type "Make an offer" into the Shopify App Store's search. After trying a few other searches, this one returned a few app that might do what you're looking for. 

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I'm excited to announce the launch of our new Shopify application. This application allows you to get offers from customers and automatically negotiate prices with them.

Here's how it works:

  1. You set a minimum acceptable price for your products.
  2. Customers can make offers on your products.
  3. The application automatically negotiates prices with customers, based on your minimum acceptable price.
  4. If the offer is within your acceptable price range, the customer can buy the product at the offered price.

Our application is a great way to increase sales and boost your profits. It's also a great way to improve customer satisfaction.

Here are some of the benefits of using our application:

  • Increase sales: Get more offers from customers and automatically negotiate prices with them.
  • Boost profits: Sell your products at the highest possible price.
  • Improve customer satisfaction: Give customers the opportunity to get a better deal on your products.

The application is free for a short while. Don't miss the opportunity to have it free. 


Visit the link to install and try the application for free:



Anil (Umafy team)

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Hi! I think your app looks great but I am having a bit of trouble setting it up. Would someone be able to answer a few quick questions ? 

Also once you start charging will the app and usage of the ap remain free or will we have to start paying a fee or percentage of our sales to you?