How can I implement an automatic size selector for product variations?

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Hi friends ,  we are having many variation in a single product its around( 70-80)Nos , so we are planning automatic size selector (or) recommender , so I am looking for some Addon , can you suggest me some addon , my product

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Give me some suggestion for my website.

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Hey @lifekrafts007 

Certainly! Adding an automatic size selector or recommender for products with many variations can be a helpful feature for your website. While I don't have access to the most up-to-date information on specific add-ons or plugins available, I can provide you with some general suggestions:


  1. Product Options and Variants Apps: There are several Shopify apps available that can enhance your product options and variants. Some popular options include "Infinite Product Options" and "Bold Product Options." These apps provide advanced customization options, including automatic size selection based on customer preferences.

  2. Product Recommendation Apps: Consider using product recommendation apps that analyze customer behavior and suggest relevant products. These apps can help guide customers to the right size based on their preferences and previous selections. "Bold Product Recommendations" and "" are examples of apps that provide personalized product recommendations.

  3. Custom Development: If you have specific requirements or want complete control over the functionality, you can opt for custom development. Shopify provides an extensive API and documentation that developers can use to build tailored solutions for your store. You can hire a Shopify Expert or a developer experienced in building custom Shopify apps to create the desired automatic size selector/recommender.

When selecting an add-on or considering custom development, be sure to review the app's features, compatibility with your theme, user reviews, and support options. It's also recommended to test any app or custom solution thoroughly before implementing it on your live website.


Remember to visit the Shopify App Store and explore the available options in the "Product Options" and "Product Recommendations" categories to find the most suitable add-ons for your specific needs.


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Thank you for your response,  our product is totally different, we have multiple variations, so kindly check our product and suggest me suitable add on our product 

For your reference I am sharing the website link kindly check and let me know 

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Hi @lifekrafts007,

I have a suggestion to enhance your custom door net product ordering process 😊.

Consider allowing customers to input their desired measurements initially, enabling them to calculate the total price based on their specific size requirements.




This approach offers a more personalized experience compared to the current method of selecting a size range with predefined prices and subsequently adding individual measurements.


If you decide to implement this improvement, the Easify Product Options app could be a valuable tool. This app allows you to integrate dimension input fields, empowering customers to input their specific measurements. Furthermore, it enables you to establish a formula for price calculation based on the entered dimensions.


Here's a step-by-step example:

  • Install the app and create a new option set.



  • Add the Dimension option type, providing the necessary details.



  • Set up a formula for price calculation, considering factors such as Total Area.



  • Add more custom options (e.g.: Color Swatches) if you want.



  • Apply the custom options to the relevant custom products.



By adopting this approach, you can streamline the ordering process and offer a more tailored experience for your customers.

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