How can I implement Theme App Extensions in a nodejs app?

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Hello everyone,


I'm actually developing a shopify app using nodejs which is made to manage the store meta datas.

I tried to publish my app but i got many failed in review , now everything is good but one thing, i have to implement Theme App Extensions in my app, but i don't understand why and how, because from my app there is no interaction with the store theme, it's only background data and i don't understand too how to include it in my code.


So if someone can help me i would really appreciate.

Thanks for reading,


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I get rejected in the review of my app, the reason is that i don't have theme app extensions on my app.


My app is a nodejs/react app, its a one page app where there is only forms to edit meta datas like meta title or meta description of a product.


So my question is how to implement it in my code ? And why i need it ?



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Hello @windo


Yes, having the blank Theme App Extension is a must. You need to add one inside your app. Or I can assist, this doesn't take long time/large budget.


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