How can I increase the variant/SKU limit beyond 100 in DSers and CJ Dropshipping?

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Over 100 variants/SKUs

SHOPIFY - PLEASE increase the number of variants/SKUs beyond 100 to be used in apps (in my case DSers and CJ Dropshipping). There are countless products I can’t list in my store due to this limitation! The split product option looks horrible. If anyone has a solution, please let me know. 

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Hey @domesticadopt,


Totally get the struggle with Shopify's 100 variant limit. Here's a thought: a custom app could be the workaround you need. Basically, it works like this:


  1. Own Database: The app would have its own database, independent of Shopify. This means you're not limited by Shopify's variant cap.

  2. Linking Up: It would link each product in your Shopify store to this external database. So, when a customer picks options on your site, the app checks this database, not just Shopify's system.

  3. Smooth Experience: On the front end, your customers won't notice a difference. They choose options like usual, but behind the scenes, the app handles all the extra variants.


It's a bit techy, but a neat and permanent solid solution to bypass that pesky variant limit and keep your store's look clean.


Hope that clears things up a bit!

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That would be great if it can work with the 2 apps I mentioned. When you say it checks the database, I’m hoping that means it checks the inventory or that is preferably worked in to only show SKUs in/out of stock stock (this automatically shows/doesn’t currently show to the customer if their chosen variation is/isn’t in stock). Please leave your contact information so I can connect with you. Thanks.