How can I manage drop shipping with an unlisted supplier?

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I have a supplier who also offer drop shipping of their products, but they are not listed on any of the apps, so basically i would need to have an app that would update stock from their FTP server and import their generic list.

Also send the customers order to them in some electronic way automatically, but only their products, since i also have own stock with different products.

I found a lot of apps that come supplier ready, but not sure how it would work to use unregistered one. Also did not find any app that also has FTP for unregistered supplier as standard.

Anyone else found a good solution for this?


I dont have to pay for the products when i order them, so this is not a problem. Supplier will invoice me later.

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Did you try something like:
If that doesn't work for your case you may need a custom solution.

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@Marslan Thanks for suggesting our app!


@Seb99 On the stock update side, our EZ Inventory app can pull the file from their FTP server and update the available inventory quantity in Shopify (we support CSV, Excel, XML, and JSON file formats). 


One thing to note is our app can only update the quantity of products/variants that already exist in your Shopify store.  It won't be able to create new products in Shopify.  You can schedule the app to run the update automatically (e.g. every hour) to keep keep your Shopify quantity up to date.


For sending order data, we have a separate app EZ Exporter that can push a custom CSV or Excel file to their FTP server (or to an email address, Google Sheets, Dropbox, etc.). 


You can set custom filters at the line item level, so you could filter by the Lineitem Vendor field, for example, so the CSV file will only include their products (order-level data such as the customer/shipping info is included in each line item row by default, so they can have that info as well).


Feel free to reach out to us in case you have any questions on this.

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Did you ever find a solution? I am looking for the same thing.

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I had Stock sync: Inventory sync app rolling now for a few months and it seems to be ok. Had to set it up as two separate feeds since my supplier has it that way, one for product list update, and one for stock check, but it was no problem.