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How can I offer a 'Buy 2 for £20' deal on my items?

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Hey everyone,

I've seen this post multiple times now and I honestly can't believe there is no simple solution

I have multiple items in a collection and would like to offer the following:

Each items: £12.50

Buy 2 for £20

Can anyone please advise on how to do this?

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I want to create a bundle yes...but this is the most standard form of
bundle. I dont want a $10 off situation.

Two hats for $20

You go into a collection of hats.
Hat 1 is $12.50
Hat 2 is $13.50

If you buy two hats together in that collection the total price will come
to $20

I'm not looking for a $10 dollar discount. That won't work. I just want to
system to understand that if i add two products form a collection it will
checkout at $20

This is the world's most common type of offer on so many sites but i
can't seem to find it for Shopify...
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Hi @VapeCookie 

Yes, Shopify doesn't support fixed-price discounts by default. Even you try to set up a Buy X Get Y discount, the get option cannot support it.

I'm developing an app to set up something like this: you can take a look at my demo here:

Merchants can fill in a simple form to generate a template like this. Let me know if you find it relevant to your case. I'm finding users to join Early Access. 

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You can do this using the app If you have any problems with the setup, write to the support chat and they will set everything up for you. 

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Did you ever figure this out?

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@bbbbbb ,

This is a case of "Buy X for Y$".

This can be achieved by using our app Every Possible Discount

You can review the functionality on our demo store

The app is build on a latest release by Shopify called Shopify Functions, so this app does not hamper your checkout analyics and does not create any dummy coupon codes.

You may want to try this out.

Any Likes and Accept as Solutions are greatly appreciated✌ Having trouble? Hire us!

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