How can I offer half price shipping discounts to select customers?

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I'm looking for a way to offer discounted shipping to select customers. We are currently using Bespoke Shipping app to calculate shipping via surrounding post/zip codes, as we sell ugly freight (bulky) couriers don't move. Our pricing structure is to offer our lowest possible price if customers are able to pick up, with shipping built on top, based on the time it would take us to deliver it if we where going there and back from our warehouse. a few times we have had our truck going close to a potential customer, and would like to be able to offer a discounted delivery if they are able to accept the delivery when we are close by. The Shopify discount system only seems to be able to offer free shipping, I have previously generated codes to discount the product its self to get around this and reduce the overall cost of product+shipping to the desired amount, though would prefer a way to discount the shipping instead. Would anyone know a way of doing this?



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