How can I offer low-value items as add-ons to high-value purchases only?

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I have some low value items that I would like to offer as an addon to a high purchase product only - to clarify I do not want them to be able to order it unless it is with a higher value item also.

Basically I have some products which go hand in hand with my high value items but only cost £2.99 - I also offer free shipping. If someone is to order this product on it's own I essentially lose money as my shipping and taxes would hammer me for around £5 as I send everything tracked via RM 24/48.

If I could offer these items at checkout to suppliment the larger value purchases only it would be a great help.


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You could use one of these upsell apps to provide addons based on the customers cart content: 

The products you provide as addons don't have to be added to your storefront collections, they could be hidden. That way customers won't see the product while they browse and will only be able to purchase them through the app 🙂 

Hope this helps!

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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I have a similar request. I am an Esthetician selling both products and services on my store. I would like to add "Add-On Services" to my signature facial service listing for clients who are booking the signature, yet want to add on some enhancements to help customize their facial experience. However, I want the add-on options to ONLY BE ADD-ONs, meaning they cannot book the service without booking a signature facial. Is this possible?

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That has worked beautifully - thanks so much!

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Hi, may I ask which add-on worked for you? I tried these add-ons and could not find the option to add any product that was not on the products list.

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Hi Pope, we built an app called Ultimate Upsell to make your life much easier. If you want to upsell add-ons on the product page or cart page or even the Thank You page, I wrote a post about how to do it:

We built a widget to select the location in your store where you want to display the add-ons. Here's a quick demo of this process: 

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This can be done out of the box in Shopify by hiding it from the "all" collection and hiding it from the search / seo queries.
Detailed explanations are provide from this person here: