How can I overcome variant limitations in bundling products?

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I'm trying to create a fixes bundle with 3 products. Each of them come in 3 different sizes and 3 different colors.

I tried using the Shopify Bundles app but it seems to have limitations when it comes to number of variants. (see image below).

Is there a way around this so I can use the app with the amount of variants I have or can anyone perhaps suggest another app I can use for this purpose? Thank you.


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Hey there - 


This is a known limitation of the Shopify bundles app. 

I'm not aware of any work arounds available right now.

The best option would to use a 3rd party bundles app like Qikify Upsell.

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Hi @hellocc,

Could you clarify whether the bundle price reflects the total combined value of the included items or if it's a fixed discount applied to the bundled items?

Additionally, do you exclusively offer these items as bundles, or are they also available for individual purchase?

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Same problem. 

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Hi @hellocc,


I'm Camila from  Simple Bundles & Kits. Nice to meet you! 


Hellocc, if your variants exceed Shopify's limit, I'm excited to share that our app offers a solution for this. With our app, you can create Infinite Option bundles, surpassing Shopify's 100 variant and 3 option limit. Here's an example of our Infinite Option bundle:




This article provides more information about setting this up: Building an infinite options bundle


Also, to provide you with the most accurate guidance, feel free to share more details about the bundle you’d like to create. In the meantime, you can explore our demo store: 🛍Simple Bundles Demo store 🗝️ Password: 1. 


We're here to help you in any way we can, and we hope this option could work for you!


Best regards, 



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