How can I remind customers to add a free item to their cart?

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Is there any apps that we can use to remind customers

if they forgot to add one more item, as we promote buy one get one free.

As most of our customers one pay for one item and tend to forget to add their free item.

Even it is clear on the text instructions. But we want to have like pop app

to let them know that need to add one more item if not, the checkout wont proceed.

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Hi @Kiel2,

Regarding your "buy one get one free" offer, could you please clarify whether the free item is another free product, or is it the same item that customers are purchasing?

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Hey Kiel,


I would be careful to block checkout over something like this, if it's not intuitive it can definitely hurt your conversion rate. That's why we add the forgotten free product after checkout. They're not able to select their specific freebie, but you can add one in advance and save yourself the support.


This is a situation a ton of people use our app for. We make it super simple to add a 'forgotten' rule so if an order is placed that the Buy X Get Y should apply to and no free item is added you can include the free item after all and save yourself a bunch of time and money on customer support, shipping cost to get them their 'forgotten' free gift, and brand image.


We allow you to check if a discount code is applied, the product contains or doesn't contain an item with a tag or specific product and variant.


Link to the app:


And a quick video demoing and explaining the setup and functionality: 






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