How can I sell items by actual weight or fractions on Canopy theme?

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I work for a farm shop which sells both fixed weight/price items and also meats and cheeses which are sold by weight. We can put an average weight for such things as sausages, but often it is hard to cut meat or cheeses to exact incremental weights i.e 250g or 500g. For this type of product we would like to display the price per Kg, the average weight for a particular option and the total average price for the quantity of that option chosen. 

we're developing the site with the 'Canopy' theme from Clean Canvas, but the only app that I have found which would fulfill these requirements is the SELL BY ACTUAL WEIGHT OR FRACTIONS app by 'Fillijoy':

password: sbw

which isn't compatible with our current theme.

Does anyone else have this need or does anyone use an app or theme which could cater for this?

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Hi @martincoard,

These types of apps are embedded into your theme. It’s not necessary that you even need an app. If you know your way with HTML/JS/Liquid then one can modify product templates to have incremental quantity/pricing based on weight.


You know your requirements the best. Most of the time this is thought out when selecting a Shopify theme. Have someone help you build it into your theme you will get exactly what you are looking for and won’t regret it or have to look for a compatible app.

My last theme only solution saved my client monthly subscriptions and what he wanted was a colour picker for custom gloves. Paid for it upfront, still uses it to this day and of course helped migrate it when he went with a new theme.


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