How can I set up a digital service subscription?

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I want to create a digital service subscription where customers will pay a monthly fee then get access to a online service, managed outside Shopify.


Similar to how a marketing agency would invoice their clients monthly, but it's a recurring 'subscription' instead.



Is there an app that can do this?



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This doesn't sound doable. 


You could definitely setup a store with a subscription product, using a subscription app from the Shopify app store, but it wouldn't be able to give access to something outside of Shopify. 

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You could probably achieve this with our Seal Subscriptions app. We have a feature, which allows you to tag your subscribers with an active subscription. In combination with an app that would restrict content to Pdfs based on the customer tags, this should be doable.


The feature, which allows you to tag your subscribers can be turned on in Seal Subscriptions -> Settings -> General Settings -> Customers.

This way, the app will tag customers that have an active subscription with a specific tag.


However, you would have to find an app that allows you to unlock content to customers that are tagged with a specific tag.

I am not sure which app might do that, but I would imagine that there is at least one such app in the app store 😉


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Yes, you can definitely offer a digital service subscription through Shopify with the help of Easy Subscription, our app designed specifically for managing subscriptions seamlessly. With Easy Subscription, you can set up recurring monthly payments for your customers to access your online service.

You can check out our app here.
If you’d like to visit our website, you can check it out here.

Here's how it will work: You can use the "Customer Tags" feature within Easy Subscription to tag customers as active subscribers to your product. Then, within your online service, you can query these tags to determine if customers have an active subscription. You would grant access to your service to customers who have the appropriate tag and revoke access if they don't.


Feel free to explore Easy Subscription further to see how it can meet your subscription management needs seamlessly. If you have any questions or need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out!