How can I set up custom booking days for my courses on Shopify?

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My name is Agnieszka and i run art studio with my hand made silk shawls and decorations
I would like to add options to book my courses from my website.
I found nice free booking app like Meety or Bookeasy but this apps allow you to book same time slots every week or whole days...
I need to choose custom days let say in next 2-3 mounths with descriptions of time when cours start and finish, (that won't be repeated every week) and customers will be able to buy my product, this product will be for example 3 hours course of making merino scarf.
Could somebody know such as free option to do this in shopify store? I am not interested to apps that i need to pay monthly fee unfortunatelly 

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Hello @vesu 

Shopify Not have any custom option for this feature. But it's possible by Custom code. you can hire a developer who can set this for you.

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Maybe try calendly-- they have a free plan. You can embed their booking link into your store.

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