How can I setup a SKU-based car parts filter for large inventory?

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I have 100 000 products and I need a car parts filter that I can setup by sku's. Most I saw will only work with product ID or link the result directly to a specific page.


I got so many products that thoses solutions are just not possible. I need something that will just accept that kind of file:


ITEM          Make           Model            Year          Category

05421       Acura            HDX              2020          Brake

05422       Honda           CRV              2019          Brake

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Hey, @aturcotte!

Ryder here, from the Social Care Team at Shopify. Welcome to the Community and thanks for posting! I understand you're looking to find a solution for your car parts needs, and I'd be happy to offer some suggestions to see if they may be suitable. I took a peek in our App Store and found a couple of different apps that could potentially be helpful.

Advance Auto Parts Search: This app allows you to import a CSV file from within the app, and the CSV they provide only requires those of which you're wanting to provide: Item, Make, Model, Year, and Category. You can also find their contact information on their app page if you have any further inquiries.

PartsPal ‑ Smarter Auto Parts: I took a look into their guide and noticed that the app required the Part number, Brand and SKU. I imagine by "product ID" you were referring to the SKU, so I reached out to the app developer to confirm whether there was a workaround. They advised that the "SKU" number was indeed necessary, as they need a unique identifier to update from. However, the SKU can be the same as the Part Number - as long as there are no duplicates.

They understand that auto parts businesses often have a large list of part numbers, and also shared that they specialize in linking part numbers with vehicles that they file by utilizing their Global Auto Parts Catalog and Universal Vehicle Database. If you have any more questions, they'd be happy to answer them as well as set up a demo account or demo call with you. You can find their contact information on their app page!

I hope one of these will help. Might either of these options be suitable for your business needs? Please let me know if there's anything I can clarify.


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Hi Ryder can you get in contact with me 

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Hi @aturcotte , 

I'm CiCi from Boost Commerce, which is the creator of Product Filter & Search - a solution that grows more sales for online stores by optimizing the product discovery experience. Back to your question, have you ever tried our app? We totally understand that each business has its own features, therefore, we have developed advanced and customizable product filters options from Collections, Vendors, Product Types, Variants (eg: Size, Color), Rating, Price, Sale Off %, SKU, Tags, Metafields, you name it. Also, the Custom filter trees for different collections & search result pages. 

If you have any questions, I'm more than excited to help. This is all I have to say, if my answer helped you, please like and accept it as a solution. 
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Hi Cici, I have a store with similar issues can you get in contact with me please