How can I solve a session token authentication issue in developing a Shopify application?

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I am currently in the process of developing a Shopify application. The application is a distributed system (client-server) architecture.
The client of the application is developed using the official Remix Shopify-CLI template, while the server side is a Node.ts module, utilising the Shopify Admin api. The application is a simple data calculator and report exporter. All computations are done on the server, while the client side just has a simple UI for calling the server side functions.
My problem is passing the session token from client side to the server, so the server is also aware which merchant's store to target. I started by following the official Shopify guide "Getting started with Session token authentication". I stumbled on an issue following the guide, which made me thing the guid might be outdated. The "@shopify/app-bridge/utilities" library is not recognised as a module, and later on also found out it's depricated according to the
My question is, how should that be done in another way? Any recommendations are appriciated.

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