How can I solve variant limits and discount issues on my e-commerce platform?

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I hope this is the right spot for this post I have 2 problems that are driving me crazy


1. variant limits, we round at least 20 or products at a time with 20 different variants each. Creating these by hand is super time consuming and error prone so I wrote a script to auto create our products-enter variant limits straight from you know where.


2. Moved to app with unlimited options that handled prices now we can keep all our variations in one place - amazing but not amazing we find out in testing this stops the discounts from working - hard stop we have a rep team that needs to be able to use the discounts we have created in shopify that are more complex but they don’t work.


so now I feel very stuck, we don’t want to have to go back to manual creation there is absolutely no budget for shopify plus. I’m almost to the point of researching other platforms to see what our options are but I really don’t want to suggest or make the switch. Anyone know of any apps available that would meet our need? (Hopefully without being $30 a month but I realize we may need to look at something like that). I’m also a developer so in a pinch I can code something but I’m wondering if it’s even possible within the shopify apis right now. Surely these are problems other shops have dealt so I’d love to hear everyone’s suggestions. Thank you!

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Hi @Kssulliv 

1. As I understand your question, you can use these apps to create multiple variants: Globo Product Options, Variant.

2. If you're running a B2B store and want to reduce the price of products and variants, you can try to use our B2B/Wholesale Solution app with discount settings on many variants, and collections, ....

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I hope that you will find them useful for your business.

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Hi @Kssulliv 
Are you using any variant app currently to manage the variants on your store?

For the Discount you can use the Discount Depot App which will allow you to use discount at the checkout or show an already discounted price to your customers. 

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