How can I sync my Ebay and Amazon orders into an ecommerce platform?

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Does anyone know of a free app that will import my ebay and Amazon orders into my shopify? Reason I ask is that shopify provide a decent shipping price when purchasing labels for DPD which I cannot get elsewhere. But this can only be purchased through shopify. So I need to get my orders from the other 2 platforms in to shopify to benefit from this. 


Any advise would be appreciated. 





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Hi @SunshineLife ,

I'm Kate from PageFly. I understand you're looking for a solution to import orders from eBay and Amazon to Shopify. While a completely free option with no limitations is rare, there are apps with free plans or trials that might fit your expects:


  • CedCommerce eBay Integration or Codisto Amazon, eBay & Walmart: The app’s features include the capability to import eBay listings into Shopify, to sync fulfillment details between Shopify and your eBay store, and more. 
  • Amazon, eBay, Etsy — Salestio: This app can synchronize inventory and orders for Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. It offers a free plan, but additional charges may apply. 
  • Nembol: This app automatically transfers your orders from eBay, Etsy, Amazon, WooCommerce, and Storenvy into Shopify. Nembol offers order import for eBay and Amazon, but only with a paid upgrade and not fully automated for shipping labels. Whether it meets your needs depends on your priorities. If you only need basic order transfer and are willing to pay for the Pro plan, it might be an option. But if automatic label fulfillment and seamless DPD integration are crucial, you might need to explore other solutions like Codisto, ChannelGrabber, or Orderlytics. 

Additionally, remember:

  • Shopify's built-in "Orders" section lets you manually import orders from CSV files downloaded from eBay and Amazon. While not seamless, it's a free option for occasional imports.
  • Consider contacting Shopify support to inquire about potential discounts or alternative solutions for utilizing DPD shipping labels for orders from other platforms.

I recommend checking out each app’s details and pricing to see which one fits your needs best. 

Kate - PageFly Team

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there were several third-party apps available in the Shopify App Store that offered integration with eBay and Amazon to import orders into Shopify. However, please note that app availability and features may have changed since then. Here are some apps that were known for facilitating eBay and Amazon order imports into Shopify:

1. Codisto Linq: This app supports eBay and Amazon integration with Shopify, allowing you to manage orders, inventory, and listings across these platforms.

2. ShopMaster: It's an all-in-one dropshipping app that supports eBay, Amazon, and other platforms, helping you import products and manage orders on Shopify.

3. Ecomdash: While primarily an inventory management software, Ecomdash offers integrations with eBay and Amazon and can import orders into Shopify while providing inventory sync.

4. Zentail: It offers multichannel inventory management, including eBay and Amazon, and might have capabilities to integrate orders into your Shopify store.

Please note that while these apps might offer various functionalities, the availability of specific features like importing orders from eBay and Amazon into Shopify may vary. Additionally, the free usage tiers and specific functionalities might also change over time.

Before installing any app, review their features, user reviews, and the pricing structure to ensure it meets your requirements. Always test the app thoroughly to see if it works seamlessly for your specific needs. You may also want to check the latest reviews and offerings in the Shopify App Store to find the most updated solutions that cater to your requirements.

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Really appreciate the response. I will have a look at your suggestions and hopefully figure a way forward. 


Thanks again for taking the time.


Kind Regards



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Shopify Marketplace Connect app is worth exploring if you are looking for an app that can help you import your eBay and Amazon orders automatically to Shopify for easy fulfillment. Once a tracking detail is added on Shopify and the order was marked as fulfilled, the tracking updates should then be push back automatically to the marketplace. 


The app offers a free plan every month as long as you are not exceeding the 50 order-limit. Once exceeded, you will be charge a 1% overage for each orders exceeded but with a cap of only $99 per month. 


Feel free to contact our 24/7 support team at if you have further questions/queries.