How can I uninstall Langify app and cancel subscription?

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Hello Shopify,


I have some problem with langify app. Is not working, but I paid my all bills. I would like remove the apps from my store, but the apps did not working and send a message "Service not available. Due to maintenance work we have a short downtime. We apologize for any inconvenience.". I would like the "languages choose ->(german english)" remove on my menu. How to remove the app on my store and how to cancel my subscription? 


Thank you for your helping.

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Get Support from langify team, they will help you.

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Hi @Blanche79


First, I think you should reach out to Langify support team by submitting a ticket  to discuss further on subscription canceling and charge reverse, then you can follow this guide to know how to remove the app from your store:

  • Before you uninstall the app, you should un-publish langify from your theme by pressing the "un-publish" button in the "Theme Settings" section of langify.
  • Afterward, you can simply remove langify v2 by deleting the app in your Shopify 'App' section. 



I hope you can get proper assistance from the support team!

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Hello AvadaCommerce,

We already wrote to Langify support they asking to give them access to the shop interface in colaboratio, we did that but they never logged in. The Langify app doesn't work properly, we can't go into its editor either, it can only be installed and deleted.
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Hi @Blanche79,

Unfortunately, this issue can happen when Langify's access token is either invalid or outdated and needs to be reset (this issue affects only the old v1 version of Langify).

Our support would have to reset your token from our end in such a case.