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How can I use a POS rewards program to redeem points for specific items?

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I am looking for a rewards program that allows POS to redeem points for X(Specific item) Everything i have found only has apply discount functionality.

Does anyone know of a program that would allow my staff to use this reward in POINT OF SALE?

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Hi, @gregKleczka 


I found a tutorial on how to redeem a customer’s points for a reward using the Shopify POS app. It is compatible with Shopify Lite and Pro. 


You can find it here: Spend points in-store with Shopify POS | Smile Help Center


In order for Shopify POS to work, you need to first add some POS-specific rewards.

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There aren't many apps out there right now that offer this feature. But don't worry, we've been working hard at Fealty to build it, and it will be ready in just a few days.

In the meantime, you can try out our app and see how it can help your online store. Fealty offers a loyalty program that is simple to set up and can get you started in just 5 minutes. It has all the essential features you need, like setting up discounts, sending emails, and creating tiered programs based on cashback or earned discounts.

So go ahead and give Fealty a try. It's an easy way to boost customer loyalty and engagement for your online store.

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Hey there, I'd recommend trying out Marsello. It offers a range of points-earning and reward redemption options that should solve your problem. The platform also integrates your POS and eCommerce channels so you can launch and manage your loyalty program in-store and online.

Here's the link to Marsello's app store listing: