How can I use TypeScript to create an app using Shopify CLI?

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I want to use TypeScript to build an app, but can't see such option. How can I tell Shopify CLI to create app template with TypeScript ?

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Hi @seymur_crsp 

The Shopify CLI and Node template app repo does not support Typescript and the Shopify team have indicated that it never will:

However there are a couple of good community template forks which support Typescript:

We build apps in Typescript and have good experience with it. 
Let me know if you need any help.




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Hi @PROPEL-AGENCY, Thanks for your information, but I have question, if I use above template how can I release my app to shopify, because I see in docs of template it said just run build in frontend folder and no need to build in BE

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Do you know what this means for maintaining the app with shopify CLI? Do they have migrations and such and will you then need to update it manually?