How can two apps communicate for checkout UI extension?

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Hey there, just wanted to inquire if there's a method for establishing communication between my installed App, where all the dynamic aspects are configured, and another App responsible for extending the checkout UI. To provide an example:


Within the Shopify admin panel, I possess an application that features a page enabling product selection. Based on the chosen product, I'm also able to select a payment method to be concealed within the checkout UI.


Now, considering the other or newer application which focuses on the checkout UI, my aim is for it to trigger settings within the initial app. This action would result in the specified payment method being hidden within the checkout. My question is whether this approach is correct, or if it's possible to build a single app to accomplish this. The Shopify documentation seems to suggest the need for separate apps, as I'm engaged in customizing the checkout page. In light of this scenario, is there a viable way for both apps to communicate effectively?


Looking forward to hearing your insights on this matter.

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