How can we make a user-friendly mobile app for elderly Shopify users?

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Currently we face 1 difficultly, mostly our target audience using Shopify is >70 ages.

They keep forgetting their password. 

In addition, they didn't have experience for the online purchase.

If we teach them to use "forget password", go to email to reset, its was complicated process for them.


We like to develop a mobile application, once they login at first, its will not logout by default.


For web application, its will logout after certain hour or day.


Looking for suggestion to resolve the issues. 

Thanks for the idea contribute 🙂 

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Shopify Partner
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Hello @briankoh 

To develop mobile app you need to invest handsome amount, instead I suggest you can use some ready made apps which can generate native iOS and Android app for you. 


One of such app is WebPlanex Native App Builder ( You can explore this in just $49 a month you can start with.

Just check it out once.