How can you effectively engage customers with email marketing?

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What are the best ways to engage with your customers through email markerting ? 

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Hi, @MrSoigne ,Very glad to hear from your question.


The best way is to combine the content of the email with the customer. Make them feel like the emails are written for them individually. Such an email is what every customer pays attention to. There are the following points need to be considered:


Contains customer information

At the beginning of the email, you can include the user's name, nickname, etc., so that the user feels that this email is related to him. After all, users are concerned about content related to themselves.


Specific behaviour triggers sending emails

Sometimes users add products to the shopping cart, but leave the website without placing an order, then you can push an email to the customer with a coupon or ask the reason for abandoning the purchase when the user just leaves the website , no matter which way, there is an opportunity to promote the user's purchase of the product.


Email content

The layout of the email must be beautiful, highlight the key points, and not be too long. It is best to include valuable information in the email, so that customers will not delete it directly.


This way of sending emails can effectively increase the conversion rate of customers.


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Hello @MrSoigne 

Great question!

The best answer might be "no way".  Hear me out.

I suspect what you really are looking for is a way to extract repeat sales from existing customers, right?  After all, everyone wants that!


The email problem is that everyone is looking to reduce the number of spammy ones. And of course, sales emails are the biggest culprits driving this trend.


There is a better way to keep your customers engaged so that they welcome your messaging, or even look forward to them. It all revolves around making your messaging and offer relevant.  Direct permission-based messaging works best. And if you can make your offers and incentives appear on someone's mobile - then there's little doubt, it's the best way to really interact.

What we all want is to keep driving people back to our store. Remember whatever you do make your messaging relevant!


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