How do I track conversions within my shopify app

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Hi I have an app being sold in the shopify app store.

I want to be able to track conversions (someone installing my app). 

This would give me so much information as to what advertising is effective in getting signups.


Does anyone know how this could be done?


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Hey Jon,

You can add your GA track ID code under "Google analytics code" section under App Listing. You can also find a couple of related sections like "Google remarketing code" and "AdRoll retargeting code".

Hope that helps!


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I have the same issue. Would love it if Shopify would make their Add App button pass the UTM parameters through to the app being installed (or some other way for the app to know upon first launch which ad campaign caused its install).

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Pretty late to this, but I wrote a blog post last month about how to configure Google Analytics for your app listing + how to track clicks on the [Add app] button in your listing:

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Thanks for your article. It was useful, but how do you know which traffic source was actually installing the application, and not just clicking on a button?
But we do not understand how many users finished installing the application after clicking on the button. Example: there were 1500 clicks on a button, but there were 100 app installs.
We have several sources of traffic: google, facebook, advertising in the shopify app store ... how can we find out how many app installs were for each tariff channel?
Thanks for the quick response.


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Hey @Mihail_Shamrin that part isn't so easy and most apps are unable to configure things to get to that level of tracking.

Check out the Shopify App Devs Group on Facebook, there are some good conversations about this on there that might help you out.

Good luck!



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Do you know how can I manage referral program to my app ?

What solution can I use to manage it ?

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@Shirly_Leibo check out the following options:

  • PartnerDrift
  • First Promotr
  • Partner Stack
  • Refersion

Many app devs end up building their own solution.

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